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Express News

Express News Live is an Urdu news channel from Pakistan. It is owned by Express Media Group which is subsidiary of LAKSON Group. Daily Express newspaper was the first product introduced by Express media group back in 1998. After serving with newspaper only for ten year, Express media group decided to add news channel to enhance their group. On January 1st 2008, Express News first started its regular transmission from Lahore. Since then, channel has become the 2nd most watched news channel in Pakistan and with it Express media group itself has become Pakistan 2nd largest media house after Jang Geo group. Express TV generally broadcasts news shows and other discussion based program in its 24hour a day broadcasting. Express news mainly has competition with geo news, bol news, dunya news and ary news.

Popular Programs

Express News, being a 2nd most watched channel in Pakistan presents many popular programs with genres of current affair, infotainment and entertainment. Here we are going to discuss most popular programs of Express News which are as under.

Kal Tak

Kal Tak is one of the pioneer products of Express News. It is current issue based talk show which is presented on Express News during its prime time transmission from Monday to Thursday at 10:05pm. Javed Chaudhry who is one well experienced and matured journalist hosts this show on Express News online along with panel of guests from politics, journalism, society and sports. He generally discusses day’s hot issue with panel of experts.

@ Q

@ Q is actually political analysis based programs in which only the host presents the whole show with his own expert analysis over top stories. The show telecasts on Express News during its prime time transmission from Friday to Sunday at 10:05pm. Ahmed Qureshi who is most talented, energetic and patriotic young journalist hosts this show on Express News. He most of the time present show on Indo-Pak tension and conspiracies. He generally does not invite any guest in his show.


Takrar is current issue based talk show in which day’s top story and other political matters of Pakistan are discussed. The show is hosted by young and fearless anchor Imran Khan along with panel of guests. Takrar airs on Express News during its prime time transmission from Monday to Wednesday at 08:05.

G For Gharida

G For Gharida is a show in which all the day’s top stories are discussed along with most concerned personalities from various fields. Gharida Farooqi hosts this show on Express News from Thursday to Saturday at 08:05 during prime time transmission of live Express News.

Khabar Se Agey

Khabar Se Agey is political analysis based programs which broadcasts on Express News at the start of prime time transmission. Nabila Sindhu, who is also a newscaster, hosts this show on Express News from Monday to Wednesday at 07:05pm. News editor of Express newspaper Ayaz Khan participates in this show as an expert analysis along with Latif Chaudhry who is also senior journalist and associated with Daily Express newspaper.

Main Aur Maulana

Main Aur Maulana is an Islamic version of program in which Hafiz Tahir Ashrafi who is Chairman Pakistan Ulma Council presents his expert opinion over issues related to religion and routine matter. Zeeshan Malik hosts this show on Express News on every Friday at 07:05pm.

Crime Show

Apart from political based programs, Express News also presents many crime shows to fix various crimes occur in society. In these shows, whole crime story presents in dramatic way with mock characters which makes easy for viewers to understand whole story.  Some popular crimes shows are:


Darling is political comedy show in which famous stage and drama actor Khalid Abbas Dar plays double role one as a “Darling” who is less educated person and often asks innocent questions to other  role of Khalid Abbas Dar which is “Dar Sab”. Dar Sab hosts the show and Darling comes as co-host. Amanat Chan who is another stage actor and famous comedian participates in the show as well as Bhateeja of Darling. Jugni, interview of celebrity and parody song of Darling are the main segments of the show. Darling presents on every Sunday at 08:05pm.

Siyasi Theatre

Siyasi Theatre is a political satire which presents on Express News live streaming on every Monday to Tuesday at 11:03pm. Famous poet Wasi Shah hosts this show. He in each show invites couple of guests from politics, showbiz, media and sports to have chit chat with them. He also has bunch of comedians who enriches show with their hilarious comments. Sardar Kamal and Qaisar Pia are the main comedian among them.

Popular Hosts and News Casters

Express News has the services of many experienced and well-repute hosts/anchors/analysts/news casters. These personals are highly qualified, energetic and skilled.  With these professionals Express News now is the 2nd most watched channel in Pakistan.  Some famous anchors and analysts are:

Famous Newscasters are:

Express News available both on local cable and satellite and can be seen throughout in Pakistan and across Asia, USA, UK and Middle East. Internet streaming for Express News is also available various website including

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