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Dunya News TV is one of the most famous News channel represented by National Communication administrations (SMC) private restricted .Dunya News live was started in December first 2008 and inside exceptionally brief time of time it controlled its roaster and tested diverse News diverts working in that time .Dunya News live has its focuses in distinctive parts of Pakistan while the principle base camp of Dunya TV live is arranged in Lahore. Holder of this celebrated internationally News channel Mian Amir Mehmood is generally restored Political symbol of Pakistan. Dunya News Live has its transmission in national Urdu dialect 24 hours a day through neighborhood link drivers. Dunya News Live is effortlessly accessible and watchable in diverse urban areas, villages and regions of Pakistan.

Essential FEATURES

Satellite through which Dunya News live use to get its live indicators is Intelsat-20 68.5e having the recurrence of 4006 hertz .Polarity of Live Dunya TV is even while having the image rate of 2990 with FEC ¾.

Principle CENTRES

As of recently specified primary headquarter of Dunya TV Live is in 8-An Abbot Road Lahore while it additionally has its distinctive Bureau work places in diverse urban areas and regions of Pakistan, for example


After the undertaking of features Dunya News Live has diverse sections involving moment to moment redesigns and truthful news in regards to the hot sizzling points about the present issues event in Pakistan and all through the planet. Each fragment has specific news identified with it .Given beneath are the names of diverse sections and areas of Dunya News Urdu.


Dunya live World includes news identified with the common issues plus Pakistan. About the preplanned composed or sudden episodes and modifying's touching base on the planet. We can get overhauls about numerous functional news and data from it that what productive or dangerous occasions happening in the different nations of the planet like surges, earth tremors, races, updates in laws and powers, solid investigations in field of science and innovation .Developments and changes in the field of training, suggestion and moves in distinctive standards and regulations .Hence, what always incident in any field of the life.

What are the circumstances behind the money related emergency and how monetary emergency influencing the economy of the planet. News about the effect of Pakistan and Islam before the entire planet that what are the inadequacies and shortcoming of Pakistanis relatively to the next nations and countries  of the planet. News about the different changed altering's touching base on the planet under distinctive circumstances, new developments, political situations, mold showbiz, tribute to diverse globally famous legends and stars, advertising of extremely popular items. 

Special the news about overwhelming nations and their striking advancement in different fields as their fund, matters of trade and profit, instruction, health, explore, and force strengths and so forth. There are additionally the news about cataclysm stricken nations like Ethiopia, Somalia with their poor arrangement of progress, traditions and account. News about universal festivals of particular religious, national and different events like Eids, Christmas, Ester, New Year festivals and so on.


Dunya TV Pakistan has all news identified with our darling nation Pakistan under this area. News and programs about the mega force ventures, power generation, dams , ups and down in petroleum of the nation and the mega activities affirmed or under development or if there is commonsense suggestions of some of them. Exceptional useful systems about the proficiency rate, destitution, GDP of the nation, instruction, independent work, youth, ladies empowerment and numerous different issues.

Dunya TV Pakistan additionally blankets all the news with respect to the political situation of Pakistan. Scope of all the present repots about the individual and in addition open profiles of guides and famous political symbols. Henceforth Dunya Live TV spreads all the dark and white occasions' incident right away or by preplanned methodologies in our dearest country. We can see the in general representation and picture of Pakistan through it by sitting at our own spots.


Dunya TV news use to broadcast constantly by time occasions and episodes incident in diverse urban communities, regions and modest areas of Pakistan. Distinctive functions, festivals, programs, symposiums, workshops, live occasions, shows of national and worldwide vitality and numerous other comparable capacities incidentally happen like on Independence Day, safeguard day, Iqbal day, Quaid day, and Lok melas and so on in Pakistan. In short that individuals fit in with the different zones or even fit in with the same territories can watch that news on their TV sets or laptops and even on their mobiles through web and distinctive applications.


Dunya TV Live under the business portion broadcasts all the News identified with the business, stock trade file on consistent schedule. Change in the worth of Pakistani coin in respect to the next monetary forms like Euro, dirham, Dinar, Yuan and in addition dollar. All over in the rates of petroleum, CNG, coal and other fuel utilized within vehicles and additionally in businesses. Farming profile as the horrible processing of foods grown from the ground, vegetables and grains which straightforwardly and by implication effecting the business sector rates of everyday schedule palatable stuff, generation of composts, concrete and numerous other modern items and so on .We can additionally watch news about all the embarrassments of diverse business big shots of the nation. Consequently live Dunya News use to blanket all the matter fits in with Pakistan and influence the GDP and the advancement of the nation.


Dunya TV News broadcasts news about the instruction arrangement of Pakistan under this area like pretended by Ministry of training in a nation in the past and its arranged methodologies about what's to come news about the proficiency rate of the nation. There are numerous News in regards to the altering patterns in instruction framework; distinctive routine and fair strategies utilized by the educators as a part of our nearby instructive foundations. Dunya live TV additionally use to blanket all the records made by Pakistani scholars broadly and universally .Glittering precious stones of momentous quality like Ali Moeen Nawazish, Arfa Kareem and numerous other splendid learners like them who brighter the name and the social effect of Pakistan before the entire planet are the honored apples and oranges of our splendid educators in Pakistan. As we all realize that each picture has two appearances so we can likewise watch the more regrettable condition and powerless purposes of our instructive framework right here in Pakistan, for example there is an incredible redirection in instruction framework as government division  and private segment and additionally as English medium and Urdu medium .

There is a critical contrast around the charges structure of diverse organization focuses having distinctive notoriety. While there are numerous villages and locale of Pakistan where there is no fundamental accessibility of school, schools and colleges and other professional and polytechnic foundations. Live Dunya TV has a full approach on each occurrence identified with instruction step by step or event without a moment's delay in Pakistan. Just for example ventures made by neighborhood government on training or the progressions made in examination framework or message courses to make it segment up to the national and worldwide level all upgrades are given on this channel extraordinary effectiveness. Universal records made by Pakistani learners. Worldwide formed workshops, partnerships, symposiums, short courses about distinctive fields of instruction or concedes offered by diverse nations to broaden the training framework globally might be seen through it.


As its name indicating in this part "innovation" Live Dunya TV use to broadcast all the News identified with the innovations either secured or securing or ought to be create in Pakistan. Engineering itself is a differentiated area. In each field of studies and in functional suggestions of any course of studies innovation is assuming its huge part towards the better yield and productivity. Despite the fact that machines can't think however can work productively in a unit time relative to human. Through machines we can get effective and consistent work in less time and human failure can additionally be stayed away from through it. Just for example in field of training we require advances right from essential to expert levels  in type of magnifying instruments, spectrophotometers ,axis  machines ,pressure gauges, thermometers, photometers, potentiometers, diverse complex circuits and numerous other electronic and different sourced hardware and measuring instruments identified with distinctive fields of studies.

If there should be an occurrence of human services calling and centres we realize that diverse sort of complex and fragile hardware is needed there keeping in mind the end goal to do go before surgeries and to diagnose distinctive deadly illnesses through specified tests like CT output, EEG, ECG, ultrasound, and machine to locate glucose and numerous other specialized mechanical assembly and organizations with uncommon most recent capacities and lands. While we can effortlessly watch the critical part of engineering in rural field as tractors, threshers, ploughing, sowing, spreading and cutting machines. This as well as the commercial ventures expedited with automated and specialized hardware in the development side and additionally in preparation division of distinctive quality items consequently in each field of life science and engineering are assuming there noteworthy part. All such stuff with opportunity to time updates looks into and headway is exhibited by Live Dunya News.


In this area Dunya News Live presents all the fascinating entertaining and comical news having some distinctive silliness from the ordinary day by day routine stuff .It holds sizzling News about show bizz, outrages of diverse on-screen characters and performing artists, particular news and conciliatory compliments of distinctive specialists, perspectives of diverse commentators in parody presentations, amusing toons, short questions of fanciful craftsmen, news about the discharging dates of piece buster films. There is likewise distinctive imaginative news about different records made worldwide by the multitalented individuals by doing something unprecedented. Interesting and remarkable exercises, innovative thoughts, use or presentation of something in another satisfactory shape all such news are introduced in this fragment.


In games area there are News about diverse recreations and their matches use to arrange in distinctive ranges of the planet. Out of many recreations there are not many diversions which are really played and viewed universally. There are large groups such recreations incorporated in Olympics as well. Olympics are masterminded after like clockwork in a specific chose have nation of the planet by the globally specified load up. Distinctive experts, players having wonderful abilities specifically diversion participates in this globally organised occasion to speak to their nation before the entire planet. Generally needed and highlighted games are cricket, hockey, football, baseball, tennis, badminton, two wheeler dashing, auto hustling and so forth. There are some exceptional recreations which are celebrated around the world just in a specific nation or distinctive zones of the same nation much the same as kiting( basant),kabady( Dangal),animal battling ,polo, bull battling  which are exceptionally celebrated around the world in Pakistan. All the News about games despite the fact that territorial, national and universal are broadcasted under this area of Dunya News TV.


Cricket is the most preferred, generally played and generally viewed diversion in Pakistan. Individuals of Pakistan uniquely youth and developing youngsters are wild about it .Although hockey is the national session of Pakistan yet individuals still like it than that indeed obsessed with it. We can effortlessly watch a swarm of youthful young men playing cricket in morning and nighttimes in boulevards and nearby grounds particularly in excursions. Adolescent young men love to play cricket in their yards and tops in the wake of returning from their schools, universities and colleges. Cricket matches exceptionally India V/s Pakistan  have their own particular appeal individuals purchase tickets like hot cakes  and go to the live matches.

On the other hand million of individuals watch these matches on TV sets, laptops and mobiles through diverse stations .News about all such matches ODI's or T/twenty which are arranged  between distinctive nations of the planet are broadcasted here .Not just this however Dunya News Live TV additionally use to telecast the distinctive live dialogues  of the masters in the recent past, then after the fact the matches about the execution and  all the  circumstances influencing the recreations straightforwardly or in a roundabout way. There are news about top rakings of the master players after their splendid exhibitions, records represented the deciding moment by diverse incredible players and the news about highlights of distinctive matches played in past on Dunya News Channel.

 weird New

As the name demonstrating bizarre news are the news about the specific episodes which are sort of not the same as the every day normally incident occurrences. In the event that somebody do something humorous or do something suddenly in the diverse way that nobody else did it before in such a silly and fascinating sense with a specific end goal to get to get huge notoriety, cash and name such systems are broadcasted here . Dunya TV live use to present all such novel news so as to stimulate their discourage viewers who are urgent, tensed, discouraged and pitiful due to current states of the nation. Fiscal emergency, prize trekking, misfortune of peace and smoothness around make individuals unhappy, inconsiderate and pitiless. Our nation colleagues come to be so zealous and touchy that not a single person is eager to do or to do anything for anybody as they are gravely ensnared in their tensed particular and family issues. Defilement and political distress made the life uniquely of poor's and of regular individuals like damnation troublesome and tensed .So keeping in mind the end goal to redirect their consideration for some time and to revive them in the wake of doing riotous employments Dunya News TV is attempting to assume its own particular part through this exertion.


There are numerous really popular projects displayed by Dunya News live TV having high viewership and TPR. A percentage of the well known systems of Dunya News Urdu TV are recorded underneath:

Hasb e haal is the best known and the most needed system of Live Dunya News TV. It is extremely intriguing, ethical and drama program. The essential subject of this project is to blast, advertise and downgrade something great or terrible incident in our social order. With the goal that nearby people, normal blameless nation individual can get data and information about the actualities of the present matters that what truly going behind the draperies. On the grounds that it is conceivable to decipher diverse things from the same discretionary articulation, case or news the statements utilized within political explanations having numerous significances which to comprehend and which to shoulder its truly challenging to choose. As we all realize that each picture has two confronts which to accompany and concede is every single about u. Anyhow confidently we if all be hopeful person in place of being cynic. Have of this renowned worldwide show is Junaid Saleem while the co-host and the hero are Najia Baig and Sohail Ahmed separately.


This system of Dunya TV is guided by Sobia Cheema and featuring of the show is Aniq Naji.this project of Dunya News Urdu as its name indicating is about the journey to reveal the issues and issues happening covertly or publically without any check and adjust much the same as social foul play, filthy plans of evil minded individuals, theft homicides, betting and other social disasters which are currently normal in our social order nowadays. Talash group seek each one of the aforementioned individuals either completing such exercises or turned into the casualty of them so they can let others know publically about those cataclysms and can warm others to be cautious and additionally to make their voices much louder to accumulate equity and peace the social order.


Saboot is a correct store based exciting suspense show of Dunya Live TV. Topic of the show is that it begins from a dead form then masters accumulate information, and different intimations and data after postpartum, from systems and from the observers exhibit at the spot of occurrence. At that point one step at a time the case is settled with the assistance of accessible truths. At first starting shape more mind boggling it began to wind up less and less snared with the section of time. At the closure masters get ready to locate and capture the criminal. This system is composed by Amir Raza and administered by Usman Raza.


This Program of Dunya News Urdu is broadcasted five days a week from Monday to Friday. Featuring of this show is Shazia Akram,sami Abrahim  and Saeed Qazi. This show is composed and steered by Hassan Tariq In this system Khabar  yeh feed k  current News on regular schedule are examined  by the specialists ,investigators , political figures and the individuals  having knowledge and vision on the issues adjust the nation in place  to give master's presumptions, genuine causes and variables of the episodes and data about the occurrences and their  eventual outcomes which  might happen. With the intention that the individuals might get consciousness in each viewpoint that how craftiness individuals hoodwink others expertly and unhesitatingly and not just this indeed they have adjusts this as their callings. Furthermore numerous sudden systems are revealing publically which are utilized by odd one out to damage.


It is exceptionally celebrated around the world project of Dunya News Urdu with high viewership. What happen in this system are performed examinations on social unwanted substances which generally happen in our social order on account of lack of education, unawareness, social shamefulness, mishandlings and misguidance of normal individuals uniquely youth. Fundamental vision and mission of this system is to highlight the issues which really individuals are confronting in our nation.


This is additionally the project of Dunya News embodied the exchanges about the sizzling undertakings identified with the governmental issues, industry, horticulture, instruction, imposes, power, petroleum, value climbing and different issues of Pakistan.


Famous,talented ,striking and brave stays of Live Dunya News are:


Dunya TV Live has given distinctive devices to its viewers with a specific end goal to expedite them and made the accessibility of the Dunya News Live conceivable for them at diverse times, events and at better places at whatever point needed. Some of them are specified beneath: 


Dunya News live TV additionally gives the office of live streaming to its viewers. We all know this planet is advancing step by step. Commonplace researchers, researchers, physicists, specialists design or uncover new things or rediscover the recently existing this. In this advanced and computerised planet live movie transmissions are no more reliant on TV sets. Presently individuals can watch the live streaming of their favourite channels and programs whenever and from all over on their laptops, Ipods', I cushions, androids and on diverse portable sets through web. Live streaming of diverse systems of Dunya news is accessible on its official site.


Dunya News Live is exceptionally devoted and dedicated to its work. We can watch this by listening Dunya News Live on Radio likewise. Mission and vision behind the presentation of Dunya News on radio is that the Pakistan is an immature nation and numerous ranges of Pakistan are not yet secured .So with a specific end goal to brief basic and ignorant individuals who even can't appreciate the equivalent offices relative to the individuals who have a place from the advanced zones of the same nation and even city. .Everybody has versatile as a mean of correspondence and we all realize that the mobiles nowadays are given radio. So individuals living in villages and little towns can get data and redesigned news through the portable administration.

I PHONE App/nokia OVI 

One can get a charge out of the live reports of Dunya news online on their telephones and through Nokia handsets with Nokia ovi by exchanging into web. Official site of Dunya News TV is this site we can furnish any data about the channel, programs, timings timetable of projects and a great deal more.


Dunya Ka news hound is the self supporting reporting frameworks exhibited by Dunya News in which any one voluntarily can submit anything suspicious or something illicit, unsocial and unreligious in the event that he or she watches any such thing in its encompassing .Team of Dunya News will publically broadcast it to disclose that actuality before others. There are large groups such films and pictures exhibited for this area .It likewise shows the vivacity, respectability and the brave state of mind of the subjects who ventures advance to take part in it.


Individuals living inside the Pakistan can likewise get most recent upgrades about the particular events through sms administration additionally.


Being generally made and able News channel it is the authority of its overseers and colleagues to do work with commitment and respectability. They may as well publically broadcast just valid news from trust commendable sources. They might as well attempt to downgrade outrages and unsocial and exploitative news just to build the TRP of their projects. They may as well likewise ponder the picture of their nation and individuals moreover their particular engages own benefits and may as well cease from mitigating their rivalry with different news channels. More often than not it is watched that the minor scenarios are collected by the untrustworthy part of media, little minor issues are displayed in such an exaggerated route, to the point that its belongings expand in negative sense which finally demonstrates hurtful.

Famous thing about the negative part of media is that they like to make the news against the mankind in place of serving humankind. Provided that somebody is murdering another person then journalists in place of halting him begin making films and snaps paying little mind to pitiable resolution of the episode. So never downgrade and debase humankind just for individual premiums and do work with legit in correct feeling of working rather than getting cash and benefit by snare or criminal.

Dunya News is one of the most famous Urdu language news and current affairs television channel of Pakistan. Since its launch in 2008, the channel have been giving strong competition to the other news channels in the country. Dunya TV is now available throughout Pakistan on local cable operators. The headquarters of the channel are located at Abbot Road, Lahore. You can watch dunya news live at Click the play button to watch dunya tv live and many other pakistani tv channels such as geo tv, samaa tv, ary new etc.. The most popular programs on dunya news are: Policy Matters - Nasim Zehra, In Session - Muhammad Ajmal Jami, Hasb-e-Haal - Sohail Ahmed, Junaid Saleem, Najia, Khari Baat - Mubasher Luqman, Cross Fire - Meher Bukhari, News Watch - Javed Iqbal, Nafaa Nuqsan - Anis Shiekh Police File - Musa Haider as a S.P.Moosa, Zabta E Hayat - Zunaira Azhar, Talaash - Aniq Naji, Nuqta Nazar - Habib Akram

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